Introducing a Circulated COIN Grading system for
Circulated Coins only (non-key especially).
Those other coins found in any set....
The ones "we've found in normal change"

How does a collector ever know how to price his set of coins?

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This is what I have so far! Grading system->>It's grades coins 1-100 READ it Check it out! Click here now

Measure CLEANING Grading
Evaluation of DAMAGE (Circulation)
& Altered (man-made)

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You want to see an EXAMPLE? it's really easy to GRADE


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OH! If you are going to say, we can't do this? or it's too complicated or it will never work?

Please, don't bother sending me a message.

I'm looking for support, constructive criticism, "another idea", a better idea, anything
to keep this subject alive because we all have SETS of Coins, we all Think our sets are worth tons-of-bucks
now we will get another experienced collectors review without breaking the bank.

Now we will start to GROW more experienced Coin graders!
Someone who can grade Circulated Coins. A new wave of Coin Graders!