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ID number Year Mint  Error found Price Comments Picture My Grade
1942s-678a 1942 S Doubling on Date and around Liberty $100.00 Nice Mercury http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/sheet1/1942s-678a.jpg AU
1985p839die6cracks 1985 P Die Crack across America on Reverse ?? Make an offer http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/4-28-2012/1985p839die6cracks.jpg  
1988p975die5crack 1988 P Die Crack  on Reverse ?? Make an offer http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/4-28-2012/1988p975die5crack.jpg  
1989p54fgt3h 1989 P Punch Through on reverse evident ??? Make an offer http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/4-28-2012/1989p54fgt3h.jpg  
1996p653punch4through 1996 P Punch Through on reverse evident ??? Make an offer http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/4-28-2012/1996p653punch4through.jpg  
1997p334blogs1s 1997 P Blogs in the face of Roosevelt ?? Make an offer http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/4-28-2012/1997p334blog1s.jpg  
1997p-no124knurls8 1997 P NICE error!  No Knurls Broadstruck Dime Make a GOOD offer Please   http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/4-28-2012/1997p-no124knurls8.jpg  
1999p-678a 1999 P Slug above the eye $2.25 Nice Roos http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/sheet1/1999p-678a.jpg AU (MS)
2001p-678a 2001 P Weak Strike  DATE $1.75 Nice Roos http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/sheet1/2001p-678a.jpg  
2001p-768a 2001 P Slug above the eye $1.75 Nice Roos http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/sheet1/2001p-768a.jpg  
2002p-678a 2002 P Slug above the eye   NOSE  $2.00 Nice Roos http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/sheet1/2002p-678a.jpg  
2002p287slugs23w 2002 P Slugs of Silver all over the face make an offer   http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/4-28-2012/2002p287slugs23w.jpg  
2003p-678a 2003 P Slug by Date  Above Eye  & on Nose & Neck $2.25 Nice http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/sheet1/2003p-678a.jpg AU (MS)
2003p118slugs9a 2003 P Slugs on face and Die Crack reverse make an offer   http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/4-28-2012/2003p118slugs9a.jpg  
2003p987slugs5fg 2003 P Slugs all over his face make an offer   http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/4-28-2012/2003p987slugs5fg.jpg  
2004p-678a 2004 P Slug on Reverse  with Die Crack $3.00 Nice http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/sheet1/2004p-678a.jpg  
2005p315slugs2face 2005 P Slugs material Silver on face and Neck make an offer   http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/4-28-2012/2005p315slug2face.jpg  
2007p375slugs1rev 2007 P Slugs material Silver on face make an offer   http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/4-28-2012/2007p375slugs1rev.jpg  
19xx-p266not1sure 19xx P Not sure what caused this error on both sides of this coin ??? Make an offer http://coinscurrency.com/dimes/4-28-2012/19xx-p266not1sure.jpg