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ID number Year Mint mark Certify agency Face Value Metal Comment Picture Grade
1856au50pci1scratched 1856   PCI -red 1.00 GOLD Slant 5 --->Doubling ? But not marked  http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1856au50pci1scratched.jpg AU50
1799gd4dollar 1799   PCI-green 1.00 Silver nice coin http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1799gd4dollar.jpg GD4
1850o-xf40-anac25 1850 O ANACS 2.50 Gold nice coin http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1850o-xf40-anac25.jpg XF-40
1911d-ef45-25 1911 D PCI- red 2.50 Gold Cleaned http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1911d-ef45-25.jpg EF45
1855ef45-dollar 1855   PCI -red 1.00 Gold Cleaned http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1855ef45-dollar.jpg EF45
1862ms62dollar 1862   PCI -red 1.00 Gold Cleaned http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1862ms62dollar.jpg MS62
1873ef45dollar 1873   PCI -red 1.00 Gold Cleaned http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1873ef45dollar.jpg EF45
1857svg8scratch25cent 1857 S ANACS 0.25 Silver Scratched -Fine Details  Net   http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1857svg8scratch25cent.jpg VG8
1921ms63dollar 1921   PCGS  (very old) 1.00 Silver nice coin http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1921ms63dollar.jpg MS63
1881-sms63dollar 1881 S ANA  1.00 Silver nice coin http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1881-sms63dollar.jpg MS63
1922no-d-vf30bn 1922 NO D NGC 0.01 Copper BN http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1922no-d-vf30bn.jpg VF30
1932s-ef40-25cents 1932 S ANACS 0.25 Silver Cleaned  AU Details net  http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1932s-ef40-25cents.jpg EF40
1932d-vf35-25cents 1932 D ANACS 0.25 Silver nice coin http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1932d-vf35-25cents.jpg VF35
1941d-vf35-25cents 1941 D PCI -green 0.25 Silver nice coin http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1941d-vf35-25cents.jpg VF35
1909ef4525cents 1909   PCI green 0.25 Silver looks AU ++ http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1909ef4525cents.jpg EF45
1917s-vf35-25cents 1917 S PCI -green 0.25 Silver Type 1  http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1917s-vf35-25cents.jpg VF35
1801penny-vf25 1801   PCI -red 0.01 Copper Nice coin --Surface Damage http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1801penny-vf25.jpg VF25
1905five-gold-ms63 1905   ANACS 5.00 Gold Really nice coin http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1905five-gold-ms63.jpg MS63
1913penny-ms65bn 1913     0.01 Copper Nice Coin http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1913penny-ms65bn.jpg MS65Bn
1924d-penny-vf35 1924 D ANACS 0.01 Copper   http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1924d-penny-vf35.jpg VF35
1931d-penny-ms65rb 1931 D PCGS  0.01 Copper   http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1931d-penny-ms65rb.jpg MS65Red-BN
1931s-penny-ms64rb 1931 S PCGS 0.01 Copper   http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1931s-penny-ms64rb.jpg MS64-red-bn
1936d-buffalo-ms65 1936 D NGC 0.05 Nickel   http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1936d-buffalo-ms65.jpg MS65
1936s-buffalo-ms65 1936 S NGC 0.05 Nickel   http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1936s-buffalo-ms65.jpg MS65
1938d-buffalo-ms66 1938 D PCGS 0.05 Nickel   http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1938d-buffalo-ms66.jpg MS66
1943s-quarter-ef40 1943 S PCI -green 0.25 Silver   http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1943s-quarter-ef40.jpg EF40
1952quarter-ef40 1952   PCI-green 0.25 Silver   http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1952quarter-ef40.jpg EF40
1959franklin-ms64 1959   PCGS 0.50 Silver   http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1959franklin-ms64.jpg MS64
1964kennedy-pr65 1964   PCGS 0.50 Silver   http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1964kennedy-pr65.jpg PR65
1964kennedy-pr67 1964   PCGS 0.50 Silver   http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1964kennedy-pr67.jpg PR67
1969d-penny-ms64rd 1969 D ANACS 0.01 Copper   http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1969d-penny-ms64rd.jpg MS64 red
1969s-penny-ms64 1969 S ANACS 0.01 Copper   http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1969s-penny-ms64.jpg MS64 red
1995penny-ms67rd-ddo 1995   ANACS 0.01 Copper Double Die http://coinscurrency.com/certified/1995penny-ms67rd-ddo.jpg MS67 red
2002eagle-ms69 2002   ANACS 5.00 Gold   http://coinscurrency.com/certified/2002eagle-ms69.jpg MS69