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ALL Pennies here! Wheat pennies ---1981 and Older Copper pennies and ERROR (afforable) pennies the simple errors.
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Wheat Penny
Rolls for Sale
Error Pennies
Penny Errors Rolls of 40's and 50's
Wheat Pennies SALE
shipped is FREE
ERRORS ERRORS ERRORS Penny Errors Afforable!
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Penny ERRORS -Lamination etc More penny errors Cracked Skull! DDO- DDR- etc
SPECIAL on ERROR Pennies "Affordable!" MISC ERROR COINS- Check it out Penny Errors Great Afforable Penny Errors
Secret 1972 Error--????
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Posted 9-7-2010
Rolls of 40's and 50's
Wheat Pennies SALE
shipped is FREE

These are MINT STATE Pennies (make me an offer)
How to calculate the Value of your SCRAP Gold Penny Errors! Very Reasonable!CHECK IT OUT More Penny errors
Posted 9-8-2010
Very Interesting ERROR Penny (no Copper)

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