Longines Wittnauer GOLD Collection

Date 12/31/72 appoximately 1967 (sterling silver =92.5 silver 1.25Grams) or 1 OZ.

The Gold set 24K Gold plated 36 Gold Coins
There is at least 1 OZ gold on all the gold coins.
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This set is a CLASSIC set found in the 1970's and it could be yours for the sum of $2700 or BEST OFFER
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  • ----It has some gold plating that has tarnished
  • ----The coins are MARKED exactly what they are.... Silver with 24K gold plating
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  • ----1970's 1980's when silver was $4.00 an oz
  • ----Now silver is worth $36 an OZ x 36 coins =$1270
  • ----This doesn't include the approx 1oz of Gold on all the coins!
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